So I’m at work, retyping some text for an ad and it is some of the worst fucking grammar and content that I have ever seen (i.e. Random capitalization, incorrect use of question marks…[HOW??? wtf??], incorrect use of the possessive, using ?!?! not informally, etc.)

It is for a group of Republicans. Why is this not surprising.

I finally got my interview info and I feel so much better now. Now I just have to pack!

And take this as I am on a mini hiatus until Tuesday. I might be on a tiny bit (esp tonight) but mostly not at all.

Be back in a few days :)

I’m just so excited for this weekend. :3

I can’t hurry up. I’m at work *SOBS* 
I did get to see it though and it was glorious.

BASTILLE // America 2014 Pt.1 - YouTube


Gif makers, let the magic happen